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Personal Training in South London

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Services in South London

DT Training provides personal trainers for South London and the surrounding areas.

With DT Training the personal trainer comes to you. Our personal trainers carry out an ‘Advanced Consultation’ which covers not only your fitness goals and experience but also looks at what you really expect from your personal trainer so that we can provide the exact service that you’re looking for. We recruit personal trainers that are versatile so you won’t be stuck with one that doesn’t suit your style. We also believe that sessions should be fun and that your relationship with the personal trainer should be solid. That way you should be able to say exactly what you feel and get exactly what you want - RESULTS!

Convenient times will be arranged and the venue is chosen by you. Despite this our personal trainers may override the decisions you make if they feel you will experience greater benefits from using an alternative venue-so no sessions on the living room couch!

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Personal Fitness Programmes

If you don’t need a personal trainer to bang on your door at 6 am and can get to the gym on your own accord you may be interested in one of our tailor made personal fitness programmes. A tailor made programme lasts 12 weeks and can be tuned to your specific needs, whatever they may be. The programmes vary with time and provide several workouts per week to enable you to target specific areas of fitness. You tell us your exercise preferences (if any) and what you would like to achieve and we’ll set you on your way to achieving your goals. We’ll even throw in a 1 hour session with a personal trainer to go through the programme so that we can ensure that you’re performing the exercises correctly. All you need to do then is get to the gym!

Training for Disabled Clients

Unfortunately very few personal trainers possess the knowledge required to train people with disabilities. At DT Training we are aware that disabled people share the same fitness goals as everyone else. The only problem is that the techniques taught in many fitness courses and the equipment used is designed to suit a certain type of individual. That’s why we use techniques which suit both disabled and non-disabled people alike. Our approach is ‘what can you do’ as opposed to ‘what can’t you do’ so whatever your situation we’ll find a way to improve your health and fitness levels. Disabled clients will be allocated a personal trainer who has fitness qualifications specifically designed for disabled individuals so that we can provide you with the best possible results.