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Personal Training in South London

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Welcome to DT Training. Personal Training where you want it, when you want it and HOW you want it

At DT Training we provide personal trainers who come to you, so that you can train in the comfort of your own home. Home training not for you? Then our personal trainers will go to any venue of your choice-whatever works best for you. Find out more about DT Training

Free Personal Training session!!!

At DT Training we know that it can be a big decision to invest in a personal trainer. So you need to be sure before you go for it, right? That’s why our personal trainers will deliver a free personal training session with your consultation so that you can ‘Try Before You Buy’. We’re confident that once you’ve had a session with one of our personal trainers you’ll understand the benefits of personal training and be fully ready to make the exciting journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Personal Trainers with Personality!

If you’re on the hunt for personal trainers it is likely you experience difficulty carrying out regular exercise. What difference will a personal trainer make? You’ll have an appointment in your diary which you have paid for so you’ll be more likely to carry out the session but sometimes that isn’t enough. At DT Training we put the emphasis on ‘personality’ so that you’ll enjoy your session as much as we enjoy delivering it. A DT Personal Trainer needs to have more than just qualifications. They need to be a real people person. Great personal training is about great relationships and enjoyable sessions. Get this right and your sessions will fly by whilst you’re getting fit, before you know it. Find out why DT Personal Trainers are so special.


Personal Trainers for disabled people

Find out more about our in house specialist trainer for people with disabilities.

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Try this FREE home workout video. No fancy equipment required!

Motivation to get you on your way!

One of the most important qualities of a personal trainer is to be able to motivate their clients. DT Personal Trainers are experts in motivation. We don’t just stand there shouting ‘ONE MORE REP!’. Our motivational skills go deeper than that. We use common sense and reasoning to encourage you to attend your personal training sessions. We provide enjoyable sessions which make you want more. Most importantly, we understand that although the ‘ONE MORE REP!’ technique works for many people, sometimes a different approach can be more effective.

achieve your desired goals

Our Personal Trainers will help you achieve your desired goals

Whatever your reason for hiring a personal trainer, DT Training feels that their personal trainers can help you: